We arrived here in the picturesque port of Honfleur at midday today after a good sail across the Channel, so good in fact that we arrived early for the tidal gate into Honfleur which is controlled by a lock. We anchored south of the entrance to the river Seine and had breakfast, egg and bacon of course, while we waited for the tide to come up!

Here are some shots of our Channel crossing depicting the perfect conditions until midnight when the wind died and we had to motor!

Also the glorious sunset we experienced after a fabulous day and then the screenshot of the potential mayhem of the shipping lanes! One would think that there would be masses of collisions with scenes like that but somehow we all manage!

We wandered around the town after we had had lunch.  The Vieux Bassin is quaint with all its tumbledown buildings enclosing it and a myriad of restaurants serving up food to everyone’s taste but the favourite is Moules Frites!

We are unable to go into this part of the port due to Musetta’s length but we are very favourably positioned outside on the waiting pontoon, easy for leaving tomorrow for Cherbourg. The shots above show you why this is such a popular destination for many yachtsmen, especially out of season.

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  1. Always so pleased to hear you have arrived safely, bit like your mum Ros!

    We once had a lovely couple of days in jongleurs.


    Kate x

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