Roscoff – furthest south and west Musetta has sailed to date!

Wednesday 15th June

Roscoff is south west of Guernsey and typically the wind just happened to be coming from that very direction! We left at 03.30am and sailed all day and all night too, arriving the following morning after 29hours at sea!


Sunrise en route to Roscoff!

This was our longest passage to date slightly frustrating due to the fact that Roscoff is only 74nm from St Peter Port but our log told us that our distance through the water was 130nm owing to the tacking we had had to do in order to get there!!  On a previous trip sailing in the opposite direction we had made it from Roscoff to Guernsey in 9 hours with a perfect wind for our passage. That’s sailing and had we not needed to be back in UK for Friday 17th June, we would have waited for the right winds before setting off!!

Roscoff ferry port, fishing port and marina

As we arrived we spotted a pretty boat manoeuvring outside the entrance to the harbour. It was a Hallberg Rassy just like the one we used to own before we bought our current boat.  Amazingly the yacht turned out to be our ‘old’ boat, now called Red Rascal, which we already knew!  We met up with her new owners and some friends of theirs on board for sundowners and had a very pleasant time.  They set off this morning for L’Aber Wrac’h further west along the coast and we hope to see them again later in the summer. What a coincidence that was!

BoatPhotos MUSETTA A3Digita 4985
Our first Musetta!

We didn’t have time to walk into town this time as we had a ferry booked for Friday but having been to Roscoff a few years ago we didn’t need to explore.  It is rather a pretty town with the Île de Batz just a short ferry trip away.  All this we did last time but when we return, we will definitely walk into town for a meal at least!  I attach some photos taken on our first visit.


Views of the new marina, the old harbour in Roscoff and across to Île de Batz

We had previously arranged with the marina office that we would leave Musetta in port for the next ten days while we need to return home.  We spent the morning cleaning and gathering our ‘stuff’ to take back to UK  before walking across to the ferry port.



Roscoff to Plymouth by Brittany Ferries – 17th June.

We had an excellent crossing back to Plymouth, here is a view on entry into Plymouth Sound on a beautiful June evening.

Amorique entering Plymouth Sound

We had arranged to be picked up at the terminal and arrived home in the early hours of this morning!

We will be back to resume our travels before the end of the month……..

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  1. Happy days VBM thinking of you always and hope all is going well at home and with the beautiful Musetta look forward to hearing your next news. Xxx

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