Roscoff – revisited!

Renewing our aquaintance with Roscoff – Tuesday 28th June 2016

After a very smooth crossing on the ferry we arrived here in Roscoff early this morning. We loaded Musetta with all that we had brought from home and then did some food shopping ready for the next few days.

Musetta was fine although we also noticed that she had grown quite a ‘beard’ along her water line and below, yuk and not conducive for making good speed!! However it is now gone, well as far as I could reach from the pontoon and leaning precariously over the guard rails!

It is three years since we were last here and had a chance to explore the town. On that occasion the weather was so bad, we were storm bound in the marina for a week!! Although we did have quite a heavy shower today the weather cleared and the evening has been absolutely glorious.


This photo is of one of the many alley ways between the quaint old buildings and cobbled streets in the town.  In the distance you can see the bridge leading from the quayside to the causeway which gives access to Île de Batz, only at low water though! Otherwise access to Île de Batz is by ferry.  This we did on our last visit and found the island to be quite charming.

It was so good to simply wander through the streets admiring the beauty of it all. We had dinner and then had a stroll over the bridge to the causeway but decided that we really didn’t want to  get wet this evening, the tide was rising fairly rapidly!


Here is a view looking back to the town from the bridge…



Tomorrow we intend setting off for L’Aber Wrac’h further west along the North Brittany coast, weather permitting of course!  It is forecast to be Force 5, just the sort of conditions Musetta loves!

0 thoughts on “Roscoff – revisited!

  1. Glad you’re reunited with Musetta and travelling again, take very good care MBM and looking forward to hearing your next news. Xxx

  2. Marc vient de me téléphoner . Il est arrivé avec Bambou ce matin , ou cette nuit à l’Aber Wrac’h . Il sait que Musetta est là aussi . Sortez les parapluies !!!!
    Bises à vous deux .

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