Sunday 3rd July – Passage to Cameret!

Well we are supposed to be a sail boat but with very little wind and what there was was absolutely on the nose we had to motor, very tedious!? Unfortunately on this particular passage the timing was critical and we had to be at the Chenal du Four at a certain time in order to catch the southbound tide.

The Chenal du Four is a channel lying between the mainland of France and Ushant where the coast changes from going west to south. The photo was taken as we passed the Four lighthouse marking the entrance to the Chenal in flat calm seas!  We made the best of it and luckily we had lovely weather to help us on our way.  We had been told about the speed of the southbound tide and as we arrived at the end of the Chenal the water though not at all rough was very disturbed, swirling in all different directions and we shot through it all, hitting more than 10kts!!

We arrived at the marina here at 10.20pm, 7 hours after leaving L’Aber Wrac’h.

More later after we have explored the area….

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