Port Sainte Evette (Audierne)

Thursday 7th July

Above is the view from Musetta of the Raz de Sein, a place to be greatly respected but on this occasion proved to be a pussy cat!!

Another beautiful day dawned in Cameret and time to leave this pretty port with it’s rotting relics beached for posterity, and it’s interesting old buildings including the ancient church, Sainte Christophe de Cameret right next to the port.

We left at 07.30am bound for Port la Foret, however, it soon became apparent that this was not going to happen in one hop with only 1kt of wind but gorgeous sunshine!! We changed our plan to make a stopover at the port of Sainte Evette at the entrance to Audierne. It was just a shame that we had to motor.

We arrived at lunchtime having negotiated the Raz de Sein and sped through with the tide and again hitting 10.5kts, we were motoring at 6kts and so the tide gave us a strong push.

Sainte Evette Beach in the distance!

Sainte Evette is a small holiday resort with a lovely beach and rocks for the children to play on and many visitor buoys.  It seemed that several boats which were in Cameret and on their way south had the same idea and soon the buoys were almost all taken!  I spent the afternoon topping up my rudimentary tan and I so wanted to have a dip in the sea but having dangled my feet in off the transom I decided definitely ‘No’, too cold by far!!

The boat boy came alongside to collect the harbour dues and,  having been tipped off that he does bread deliveries to ‘yachties’, I ordered our baguette and croissants for the morning.  He has promised to be here by 8am as we are leaving at 8.30am!

Sunset in Sainte Evette

We were also invited for drinks aboard an American yacht, “Maggie” seen in the photo above. We had seen her from a distance during our stay in Cameret.  The owners had also invited a Dutch couple and a Danish couple  aboard and so it was a truly international get together and a very enjoyable one too.

We all dispersed to our various boats and dinner, trying not to be too late as it was to be an earlyish start in the morning for all of us! The forecast indicated that it is going to be another windless day but at least the sun is scheduled to be out again. Fingers crossed, it makes such a difference.

Port La Foret next….

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  1. Sounds great Ros . Hope you got the tan topped up !! xxx all great here , everyone well and Stew has a buyer (fingers crossed ) for his house who wants to complete quickly as she has exchanged on hers. went to mums with Molly and her boys last Thursday until Saturday had a great time and pleased to see mum well xxx
    Take care and good sailing
    lol xxxx

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