Port Ste Evette to Port la Forêt

Friday 8th July – Passage to Port la Forêt from Port Sainte Evette

How about this for service, at 08.15 am our order of a baguette and two croissants duly arrived! !

Personal Boulangerie!!

We had intended to leave at 08.30am but we couldn’t rush the delicious croissants, they were simply scrummy and the best we have tasted for quite some time, we sat in the cockpit enjoying the view in beautiful sunshine and thoroughly enjoyed them!

Not a bad view for breakfast!

IMG_4112Consequently we left a little later than we intended at 09.00am. The weather forecast was for sunshine and NO wind, again!  However, when we got out into open water, the first part of the forecast was correct but there WAS wind, not a huge amount but at least we could sail and in fact with between 8 and 10kts of wind and with a run of 12nm to start with we decided we to give the cruising chute an outing! This turned out to be an excellent idea, we had an amazing run down to the headland at Penmarch where we thought we would have to take the chute down but we were able to continue with it, giving us a great ride right up to the approach channel between the Îles de Glénan and the Île au Moutons.

IMG_4127At the end of the Approach channel we had to turn to port (left) towards our destination. We were closed hauled then and Musetta romped along until we arrived at the entrance to Port La Forêt. We were happy to be there but at the same time we had had one of the best days on the water since we had left UK! The only disappointment is that so far we haven’t seen any dolphins? Fellow sailors have but not us – yet!  Hopefully they will appear soon so that I can take a photo! The photo on the left shows us amid what looks like a lot of ‘traffic’ but it really didn’t feel too busy, not like being in the Solent at least!? You can also see in the photo our destination – La Forêt Fouesnant, next to Concarneau.


However, we were also looking forward to seeing our friends Jo and Robin with Harvey, their extra large golden retriever.  There they were standing on the corner of the marina wall, it was great to see them.  We arrived at our berth at 5.30pm, the trip taking 8 1/2 hours at an average speed of 6.5kts. Jo, Robin and Harvey came down to the pontoon to see us  safely moored before disappearing back to Aries pictured left, while Alan and I sorted Musetta out but having first invited us for supper on board their boat.

Jo and Robin could not have been more helpful, we are so grateful to them.  They introduced us to the owners of the boat yard where we will lay Musetta up for the winter and then took us on a tour of the area in their car to show us all the facilities and places of interest around and about the marina. This will be so useful as when we are back in Port la Forêt at the end of the month and Jo and Robin are not there. We will be ahead of where we usually are in terms of exploration!  There are lots of interesting places in and around the area and we look forward to checking them out.

These photos depict ‘Macif’, an enormous trimaran which is moored just inside the entrance to the marina, I was going to motor round behind her and then reverse up to our berth but she was such a threatening presence I chose instead to turn in front of her and motor forwards onto our berth! Also views of the way in to Port La Forêt. You can see that the last of the beautiful day is disappearing into the distance! I hope to get some sunny shots when we get back.

As I mentioned Jo and Robin will have left by the time we get back. They have a special mission which is to go to Den Helder in Holland to surprise their daughter Em, who is on board one of the yachts taking part in the Clipper Round the World Race! Den Helder is the last port of call before the race ends and the whole fleet travel back up the Thames to St Catherine’s Dock, where the race started last September. Should be quite a sight!  Jo and Robin will of course be there too, armed with a large box of tissues!

Sunday 10th July – time to go home!

Musetta on her mooring at Port La Forêt

Jo and Robin  had already kindly offered to drive us back to Roscoff where we had left our car so that we could catch the ferry back to Plymouth.  We had lunch in a restaurant beside the Old Port in Roscoff and then it was time to bid Robin and Jo farewell as they then drove back to Port la Forêt and we joined the check-in for Brittany Ferries! Below is the Amourique, our mode of transport for the next few hours.


We will be away from Musetta now for three weeks while we return to UK for Alan to work and then to hand over our house to our Tenant on August 1st.  Next week we will be in Italy for a wedding in Lake Como which we are both very much looking forward to, meeting up with Alan’s Australian relatives again. We plan to return to Musetta again at the end of the month to continue our exploration of South Brittany!

À Bientôt!

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