Family Wedding on Lake Como – 15th – 19th July


Wedding on Lake Como 15th – 19th July – A very pleasant interlude!!

Alan and I have been in paradise for the past few days, it has only been four days but we seem to have fitted a lot in!……

We were invited to attend the wedding of one of Alan’s Australian relatives on 16th July in Lake Como and this was an unexpected treat and break from our travels.  The groom, Steve is the eldest son of Alan’s 2nd cousin Phil McWilliams who lives in Perth, Western Australia.   Steve lives and works in Singapore. He met his bride, Yana on a business trip to Tokyo, she is from Belarus and between them they have five beautiful daughters!

We left Musetta at Port la Forêt in South Brittany and travelled home on 10th July.  Flying out to Nice on the 15th July, we picked up a hire car at the airport and drove to Sala Comacina on Lake Como. We were immediately struck by the beauty of the whole area, it was absolutely stunning!  The weather too had chosen to be well behaved with wall to wall warm (hot) sunshine and deep blue skies, heaven!

 There was a welcome barbecue for all the wedding guests that night before the wedding on the following day. This was a chance for everyone to meet.  We had all come from far and wide, it was a truly international occasion. It was also a chance for us to catch up with Phil and Chris, Steve’s parents, before the big day.

Views from our hotel, of our hotel and of the small harbour at Sala Comacina

The wedding took place in the most beautiful setting of the Villa del Balbianello and ended with a spectacular firework display which must have entertained much of Lake Como, it was absolutely fabulous! There was also a very lovely post wedding brunch on Sunday held at another beautiful venue, Villa D’Este in Cernobbio. A lovely, lovely wedding!

A good friend, Bev, has a villa on Lake Como close to Varenna and we were able to meet up with her and her family which was an added bonus. It was lucky that the timing of her holiday in Italy coincided with us being there for the wedding! It was so good to spend time with her and to catch up with her news and see her fabulous villa which she has renovated and restored with infinite care.  One of the most eye catching features for me were the beautiful painted ceilings, amazingly delicate friezes in beautiful colours.

Her picturesque villa near Varenna

We spent a most enjoyable afternoon with Bev and on the way back to our hotel by boat we went past this villa owned by….

Richard Branson’s Villa!

In between all this we were able to have a look around the area and simply bathe in the beautiful scenery! It has been a great diversion and we have loved it all.

More shots of Lake Como from the terrace of our hotel and Alan and I taking a ‘selfie’!!

….and finally a short stop over in the town of Como itself where we enjoyed a quiet break at the end of the lake before embarking on our long drive back to Nice



Welcome shade!

Next stop Monaco!!

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    1. Hi Bev, I was very tired last night when I posted that blog! There was more to say and so I will be editing it. When I’ve done so I hope you will receive a notification? There will be more posts from that trip and of course from here (South Brittany) too.

      Great to see you too Bev and perhaps when I’m home next we can get together and you can tell me where you’re at with sorting out the mess you were left with.

      I hope Aeden gets the results he is hoping for…..?! Much love to you all.

      Ros xx

  1. How beautiful it all looked and made me feel quite nostalgic as I have spent many holidays in the past in that area, I really must try to go again. Looking forward to your next blog. Love xx

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