Loctudy and L’Île Tudy

17th – 22nd August

A beach close to the town with gorgeous soft, white sand!

We left Port la Forêt bound for Loctudy on 17th August.  We had to miss this stopover on the way down because of time schedules.

However, we were reliably informed that Loctudy was not to be missed and so we are retracing our steps to the tune of 12 nautical miles to make our visit! Not much of a backward step in the scheme of things we thought!

Friendly Port Offical

On arrival we were met by a dory with a port official – well that’s a slight exaggeration! a nice young chap in a dory met us and asked where we would like to go?  As the long wave break in front of the marina was invitingly empty we said we would like to go there, please, thank you!! He couldn’t have been more helpful or friendly.




Our Marina Loan Bike

We went to sign in to the Capitainerie and obtained the codes for the showers etc and then were told about the bikes that were free to use about the port and town for visitors to the marina,only for an hour at a time! They are rather ‘sit up and beg’ style but perfectly acceptable and rode surprisingly well.  They also have a very useful shopping basket on the front but this became very disconcerting when turning the handlebars as the basket didn’t move with them.  There were some alarming wobbles until we got used to them!!

18th August – Loctudy

Most towns and villages sem to be dominated by their churches and cathedrals and Loctudy not to be outdone follows suit! While the entrance to the harbour is dominated by the Perdix tower which is an aid to navigation, this small town has a church which is very visible..The Front and Back of the church, Saint Tudy!

The church is the best conserved example of a Romanesque Church in Brittany !

19th August – L’Île Tudy


L’Île Tudy is not an island in the true sense of the word but more an extension of the mainland.  From our mooring in the marina a ferry ran every 10 minutes to the ‘island’ and so off we went to explore!

Alan and I are always amazed by the incredible leisure facilities at all these resorts.  In a small place like this there are several locations where it is possible to hire windsurfers, kayaks and canoes, small sailboats like hobicats and where there is tuition available all through the summer.  No need for any children to be bored with all this on hand!!

If all you want is sun, sand and sea then this place has it all!  Miles of white sandy beaches which are south facing, sheltered and safe!

Beautiful White Sandy Beaches on L’Île Tudy

20th August – Biking in Loctudy!

We had a great ride! Nice and flat and so pretty.  In all about 18km we inspected all the south facing beaches and on the outward trip and then some very pretty country lanes and properties on the inward stretch.


Views from our cycles ride!

We cycled back to the marina through the fishing port and just had to visit one of the poisonneries!  We bought half  kilo of beautiful, fresh, fresh crevettes and thoroughly enjoyed them on board at the end of another great day!

Our view from Musetta at sundown!

21st August – Walk to Pont L’Abbé

Loctudy is at the end of the estuary of la Riviere de Pont L’Abbé . It was not possible for us to navigate the river in Musetta but there was a lovely walk along the river bank all the way to Pont L’Abbé. We really enjoyed it especially as we took our bikes and rode them whenever possible which meant that we were able to go further.


 Here is a view of the Mairie at Pont L’Abbé and the river leading up to the town

22nd August – Loctudy to Port la Forêt

Time to return to our base and reflect on a most enjoyable visit to this small port in South Brittany! The Perdix is the first and last view of Loctudy and at low tide (not when we left) it is clear to see the hazards that it is warning sailors of, best viewed from afar!


We had another beautiful day for our return to Loctudy, not too much wind and so it was fairly slow but very pleasant too!

Calm waters and wall to wall blue sky, perfect!

……We  now plan to sail further south to Lorient and La Trinité…

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  1. This gets better all the time MVBM I never knew such stunning places existed thanks so much for sharing them, it’s almost like being with you. Xxx

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