A week in Port la Forêt

Sunset in Port la Forêt

5th – 13th September – A week in port while Alan was back in the U.K.!

After our pleasant stay in La Trinité we returned to Port la Forêt and Alan duly caught the ferry back to U.K.. I meanwhile stayed home alone, well not exactly alone as we have made some more friends in the marina as well as Jo and Robin on board their boat Aries.

Robin, Jo and Harvey

The weather was lovely and I took advantage of the hot sunshine whenever I could! The holiday season is over now and so you see that I have the beach to myself!

Kerleven Beach all to myself!

In the middle of the week Jo and Robin very kindly offered to take me out for a sail on their boat which of course I snapped up!  It was a lovely day, the winds were light which suited Harvey their dog. He’s not happy with too much heel or rough conditions!  We soon arrived off Beg Meil at the head of the bay, round the Linuen east cardinal buoy and set off towards the Îles aux Moutons.  We watched as Macif, the enormous catamaran moored in Port la Forêt, was out testing her systems in the bay!  She is now in Marseilles, South of France where she arrived in FOUR days from Port la Forêt!  AMAZING!! 

Sailing aboard Aries with Robin and Jo and Harvey!

I managed to obtain a cycle route map from the tourist office and so on another day I took myself off to cycle to Beg Meil as mentioned above, it is a route of approximately 36 kilometres so not too short and not too long or challenging, except for the fact that the signage along the route was rubbish!  I did manage to find it though and it was just as I expected – lovely!

The beach at Cap Coz

Some more scenes from my cycle ride!

Beg Meil – I made it!

I’ve enjoyed my ‘me’ time but I’ve decided that Alan can come back now!!

2 thoughts on “A week in Port la Forêt

  1. It looks amazing BM and hope you’re scoring out of 10 the best places you’ve been so far for future ref and visits….invaluable I think for future travellers. Looking forward to seeing you soon xxx

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