Alan’s return!

13th – 16th September- Force 8 gale in the Bay of Biscay!

Alan returned and the next day the lovely weather morphed into leaden skies with heavy downpours of rain, and proper thunderstorms?! 

These are thrilling when you are tucked up in the dry and warm!! Wow, we certainly knew about the storm in Biscay!!  We were stuck in port with Musetta being blown off the pontoon!!  It takes a lot to move her and so we knew that it was blowing hard when she was straining against her mooring lines and a way off the pontoon!  We were definitely very glad to be in port and not out in it.

However, during these few days we got to know our neighbours in the next berth, a young Austrian couple, Barbara and Klaus, who have taken a year out from their teaching jobs to sail their boat, “Amica” to Croatia!  What a delightful couple and we have spent several evenings with them together with Robin, Jo and Harvey, swapping recipes and DRINKS!! We are ashamed to admit that we don’t speak any German but their English was very good and so language was definitely a barrier.  We will stay in touch and I feel sure that we will see them again.

Barbara and Klaus, a selfie and beautiful Port La Forêt!

The storm has abated and we are off to Port Louis, Lorient in the morning….

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