Update from Musetta!

23rd September – 7th October home to England!

The sailing season is now definitely tailing off, Port la Forêt is so quiet!



The Vendee boats are still in the marina and busy testing all their systems but even their activity is only when it’s high water!  Their draft is so much that they can only enter and leave the marina at high tide and so there is a flurry of activity and then all is quiet until the next tide!

Two Vendee Yachts out practising!

Time now to catch the ferry from St Malo for a busy two weeks at ‘home’ – well at least staying with friends and family while we rush around organising various things!  Alan and I went our seperate ways so that he could work and I could catch up with my grandchildren who have grown immeasurably!  Here are some latest photos of George and Annabelle. I’m only slightly biased but I do think they are rather cute! I did have a wonderful time with them both and their parents too of course!

George and Annabelle

7th October – Return to France

It is always apleasure to drive into our very different home in France! All very tranquil, with the Autumn colours very much in evidence.

La Grange
Alan in one of the fields we have just acquired!

This is where we’ll be for the winter! We have spent much of our time over the last days preparing for the next few months in particular organising new windows and doors!! This will be such an improvement to the look of the house and the comfort of living here. Having chosen the style and finish we now just have to wait for them to be made and fitted, but it will be worth it?! We are looking forward to welcoming our friends and family to Normandy over the winter.


Musetta safe on her mooring!

During the week we made a flying visit to Musetta to check all was well before returning to UK once again. She was absolutely fine and as the weather was beautiful it would have been very tempting to take her out for a sail but sadly no time on this occasion!

14th October – Ferry to Poole, more meetings for Alan

We took the ferry back to Poole from Cherbourg and stayed mainly with my ski buddy, Jan for this trip which was great! Jan and I organised our week’s skiing in Meribel for the end of January and so much excitement at the prospect! I managed to get my car serviced too so that I could take her out to Normandy meaning I have wheels when Alan’s away! We have no shops here and although I love cycling, the shops are too far away for that to be practical!

19th October – Back to Normandy

Just a short trip home this time! It’s good to be back and this Eucalyptus tree is always a joy to see as we drive in.

Our Beautiful Eucalyptus tree

Our visit home was a bit of a whirlwind but we did manage to arrange lots and pick up some more of our possessions from Monxton which will be needed here in Normandy for the winter.  Our heads have finally stopped spinning now we’re back and so until the next time…..

À Bientôt!!

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