Musetta is back in the water – 5th May 2017

Spring Fit Out for the new sailing season – 16th April – 5th May

After the winter spent in Normandy, at La Grange it was now time to turn our attention to sailing again. 

Back in pretty Port la Forêt

We had booked an apartment for a week in Port La Forêt, in a complex adjacent to the boat yard where Musetta has spent the winter and therefore very convenient.  We arrived on Easter Sunday to start our preparations for Musetta’s launch.

We had a beautiful week, the weather was fabulous and just perfect for doing all our jobs and so by the end of our stay we had completed everything we set out to achieve which was very satisfying. Here are some photos of the results of my labours.  Sadly for Alan his efforts are nowhere near as visible as mine but all he did was essential none the less and took just as much time as mine did!

Above, the results of my cleaning and polishing!  Note the beautiful weather!

We were both very tired at the end of the week but very thankful too that we were able to do everything we needed to do before Musetta’s launch on the 5th May.

Alan relaxing with a delicious Leffe beer

Soaking up the scenery before our long drive home!

Alan needed to go back to UK and so we left the apartment but only for just over one week when we then headed back to Port la Forêt, this time with my brother, Alistair for launch day.

4th May – Le Vieux Port!


As we only had three days to be in La Forêt Fouesnant this time, we stayed in the Hotel du Port in Le Vieux Port where we were very comfortable indeed and where we enjoyed excellent cuisine! We can thoroughly recommend the hotel to anyone!


This is the view of the estuary from the hotel. In the background is the clubhouse of the Cornouaille Golf Course which runs along the estuary at the end of the marina. I might possibly swing a club or two there when Alan has to return to UK for business meetings!

Friday 5th May – Launch Day

Musetta is on her way!
I can’t look!

Well the weather forecast did say sunshine but it also said strong winds, gusts from force 6 – 9!! The hoist came to the yard to lift Musetta and take her the 250 metres or so to the work dock where she will be launched.  I can tell you that I could hardly bear to look as the hoist trundled along the road with our beautiful boat swinging alarming in the slings with each gust of wind, a fact that is hard to appreciate in the photos.

All was fine though, the launch went without a hitch and so, at last and after 6 months ashore Musetta is afloat again.

IMG_0897We spent the three days we had working hard to get her ready, this time to sail! Alistair’s help was invaluable and we were able to make the most of the time we had. We fitted a new, multi-purpose teak platform on the transom from where we will be able to adjust the Hydrovane self-steering gear, fish, admire the view and from which we will be able to dive!!

All is well, we are almost ready to set off exploring the area again, the Gulf of Morbihan, La Roche Bernard among other delights! We have yet to put on her sails but we will be back to Port La Forêt soon when all the fitting out jobs will be completed and then we’ll be away!

Musetta at ease back in the water!

À bientôt!

15 thoughts on “Musetta is back in the water – 5th May 2017

  1. Hello Alan and Ros,
    Musetta is looking great! We wish you a fabulous season of sailing. We will be following jealously as we return to the UK and land-based life!
    Best wishes,
    Tom and Susie

    1. Thank you so much Tom and Susie. We’ll be following in your footsteps albeit rather more slowly!! Reading your post telling us that this is the end of your adventure, I think we had already deduced that this would be the outcome, made me feel quite teary especially as Adina will be sold? However, we’ve followed your adventure all the way and you have had such a great time! All the very best for the next phase of your life and hopefully Adina will arrive safely in UK. Ros and Alan

  2. Lovely to hear that Musetta is back in the water and she looks stunning! Here’s to some fair winds. X

    1. Thank you so much Cath! We are so looking forward to getting going again but Alan still has some work to complete this year before we can set off in ‘earnest’ next season! There are so many lovely places to see in the meantime. Much love to you all. xx

  3. Really enjoy reading your blog. Musetta is looking great, well done! Looking forward to reading the next instalment. Katy

    1. Thanks so much Katy! It’s all been great fun and of course we can’t wait to get going again – nearly there! We’re on the point of changing the fixed back stay to an adjustable one and waiting for a quote on this! As you know “whatever Musetta wants, Musetta has”!?!?! Anyway, we hope to be leaving in the first week of June, Alan still working, grr!! Great to know people are following us, thanks…. Ros xx

  4. Dear Ros

    Lovely to see the pictures of Musetta. She looks enormous to me!

    It must be very exciting for you and I bet you can’t wait to be sailing again soon.

    We had a happy Easter with our boys at home, – rare thing these days. We stayed at home because of Seby and Tommy’s exams. All going well so far.

    Have a great and safe season Ros. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    Lots of love


    1. Hi Patricia, thank you so much for your comment! Yes it’s very exciting and yes we can’t wait to get going again very soon. So pleased that you had a good Easter with all your boys and please wish both Seby and Tom the very best of luck in their exams from me!

      My love to you all
      Ros xxxxx

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