3rd – 5th July ~ Île de Groix – Morbihan!

After launching at the beginning of May and being promised that the rigging work discussed with the boat yard would be complete by the time we returned to Port La Forêt at the end of the month we discovered that the parts needed for the proposed alterations wouldn’t be arriving until the week beginning 19th June?…….

My picturesque home while I waited!

Not what we had planned but there was nothing to be done and so we busied ourselves with various little jobs on board while we waited! Alan had to return to UK for a week and so I stayed on board and remained as patient as is possible for me! 

All history now as Alan returned to find everything complete and so, finally we could get on our way….

Monday 3rd July – Wednesday 5th July, Port Tudy, Île de Groix

Musetta is off again!

IMG_8159We had a very pleasant sail to Groix. The day started out in rather grey fashion but the clouds soon cleared and we then had beautiful weather all the way.  No sooner had the sun appeared than a pod of dolphins did too – guaranteed to make my heart sing! We made good time to Port Tudy, and were very fortunate to find a place in the harbour, mooring between two buoys.  The harbour is tiny and at this time of year VERY busy.

This old boat found a space alongside though!

Tuesday 4th July – A bicycle tour of the island!

Alan, ready for the day ahead!

We were told that the best way to see the island is either on two feet or on two wheels and we have to agree!  There are around 25 miles of cycle paths which enable holiday makers to tour the island.

One of the cycle tracks!

Île de Groix is only 4.3 miles long and 1.8 miles wide and it is the second largest island in Brittany after Belle-Île. It was once a major centre for tuna fishing from 1870 – 1940 but is now more renowned for the beautiful beaches and coves and it’s minerals.

Bourg with it’s colourful houses and the church!

About half a mile uphill from the harbour is Groix’s main village known as Le Bourg. The church is, as usual, central within the community but, unusually whose bell tower has a tuna on top, a reminder of bygone days on the island!

Plages des Grandes Sables – Alan and I didn’t see this beach, we ran out of time (and probably energy too, it’s a very hilly island) but apparently Groix’s most famous stretch of sand is the Plages des Grandes Sables on the east side of the island. It is reputedly the only convex beach in Europe and its tip moves each year due to opposing currents.


We did, however, see some interesting sights:

We were not at all sure what this effigy was all about!

We had lunch at what was little more than a shack on the side of a small stone house in blistering heat! The shade was most welcome!

Lunch stop at this colourful ecurie at Kerland

Le Grand Phare – Pen Men

We then cycled on and came across this majestic lighthouse on the west coast at Pen Men.

Jean-Pierre Calloc’h

Next we came to this statue!

2017 marks the centenary of the death of Jean-Pierre Calloc’h killed in the field of honor. He was an ardent defender of Breton culture and was born on Île de Groix in July 1888

Our final port of call was the lovely little port of Port Lay on the island’s north coast.  We cycled down a very steep lane to the harbour and were instantly charmed by it.  If we could have anchored off this little inlet we definitely would have….

The tiny harbour at Port Lay

We wearily returned our hired bikes from whence they came and then headed back to Musetta having had a lovely day!  We feel very lucky to have been able to visit Île de Groix on our travels down the Atlantic coast of France.

À Bientôt

12 thoughts on “3rd – 5th July ~ Île de Groix – Morbihan!

  1. Can you pop round to Vilamoura next week and pick us up?

    You are really having blissful weather!…………………xx……….

  2. What a lovely way to see an island. We have just sailed up from Kephalonia to Croatia via east coast of Italy. Enjoying the beautiful sea and Croatian islands before returning to a rather depressing uk next week. L Gay and Guy

  3. Ros – what a delightful place, the large picture makes it look lovely, how good to get some cycling in, a good way to sight-see though if it’s hilly as you say, cycling can be hard work! What a great idea to exercise and keep fit by biking around the island. I must ask my French daughter-in-law if she or her family knows the little island as they come from Brest, her dad was in the Navy. You sound full of beans and enjoying your travels immensely, and you are now so used to living on a boat and clearly love it. One good thing is that there’s nowhere as much housekeeping as there is in a house!

    I have always found hoovering etc. very tedious, and these days do very little as my breathlessness doesn’t really allow too much effort and exertion. One good thing for me is that on 2nd August I have my final heart test, it’s called a transeophagal echocardiogram, and it takes longer than the normal echos, I’ve had three of those. But this one I shall be sedated. After that, I hope they will decide I can have the operation, and get on with it too as I’m totally fed up with being so tired and breathless. I feel OK are when I do nothing but just sit about, and when I go to bed, lying down is great, I can breathe much better when flat.

    Our present hot weather has been too much for many, I can’t take it and stay indoors as much as possible and then go and sit in the garden by teatime when the sun has moved down the garden so I’m in the shade. How those poor tennis-players at Wimbledon cope I don’t know, it can’t be good for health to chase around for a couple of hours in such heat. Being young helps one cope with it I imagine, but I would never be surprised to hear that a player had collapsed due to the heat.

    Keep up with Musetta news, and take care! Love Irene.

  4. Nice sarong Alan!! NOt sure about the yellow bikini though! Looks amazing and like your having a wonderful time xx

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