21st – 24th ~ August Île-d’Houat, Duck Island!

21st August – La Roche Bernard – Tréhiguier

Mayhem in the lock!

Having passed through the lock at Arzal at 4 o’clock on the previous afternoon we then ran out of water to exit the river! You might think why didn’t you leave earlier?  Well we did actually and arrived at the lock well in time to go through the 2pm opening, but then the world and his wife turned up!  The lock was going to be closed for the next three days and so the locals were desperate to get through!  It was an almighty scrum, hard to believe that they pushed forward so ‘aggressively’ hardly allowing the boats coming out of the lock  into the river any room at all!  We instantly became very British and stood in line, “After you…..” springs to mind and the result was that we had to wait until the 4pm opening!!  We were one of the first in this time….enough said!! Continue reading “21st – 24th ~ August Île-d’Houat, Duck Island!”

5th – 21st August ~ The Vilaine River

5th August – Passage from Bono to the barrage at Arzal

We woke to this stunning early morning on the Auray river at Bono! What a memory to take with us as we left the Gulf of Morbihan for the last time!

Early morning at Bono

We let go the buoy and motored down river to the entrance of the Gulf where upon we ‘shot’ out into the Quiberon Bay with the last of the very fast flowing ebb tide! We needed to be at the entrance to the river Vilaine three hours before high water in order to be able to pass over the bar and navigate the river to the Barrage at Arzal and so we set the sails and our course and had a very pleasant sail. Continue reading “5th – 21st August ~ The Vilaine River”

31st July – 5th August ~ Golfe du Morbihan

31st July – Île Longue

We had a weather window to finally leave the marina at Port Crouesty and so we set off and entered the Morbihan for a second time to visit the places we were unable to get to because of time constraints on our last visit!  We decided to go to a recommended anchorage off the island of Île Longue and it certainly was as promised, very quiet and well protected. Continue reading “31st July – 5th August ~ Golfe du Morbihan”