Musetta is Launched! ~ 15th June 2018

Spring Fit Out ~ 2018

You will note that the date for our launch is rather late but after a very busy winter with several serious happenings, we decided that we needed to sort everything out on terra firma before turning our attention to Musetta?!  However, the time has arrived and here we go!…..

Marine Survey ~ 16th April

Removing the rudder was tricky!

Again, because we are going to be sailing further afield we had to change marine insurance companies. This in turn meant that we had to organise a full survey of Musetta. Unfortunately the survey turned up a potential problem with the rudder and so we had to lift the boat, remove the rudder and return it to UK for repair!!

The rudder proved to be extremely awkward and heavy and it took four men to lift it into the back of Alan’s car!

10 Year US Visa ~ 18th April

The New US Embassy!

Also, as we are planning spending time in US waters soon we needed to have our visa in place in good time! Having made our application we then had to arrange for an interview at the new American Embassy, New Cross London.  We chose a lovely Spring day to be in London. Everywhere was sparkling and we were fascinated to see the new embassy in it’s picturesque plot, very close to the Thames.

To many of our friends surprise, we have been accepted as suitable visitors to the US and we duly received our passports back with our 10 year US visa in place!!

17th – 26th May ~ Getting Ready

After several visits to South Brittany over the winter we chose another glorious week to start cleaning and polishing!

I will never tire of this view of the creek from the old port

But first,  two days of ‘spoiling’ in the Hôtel du Port and below is another view to be savoured, taken from the hotel further up the creek….


When we bought Musetta, six years ago now, she wasn’t in a bad state but she just hadn’t been loved and definitely hadn’t been polished!  However, now after six years and much elbow grease and many tins of Ultra Performance Wax it really doesn’t take too much effort to turn out results like this!

Version 2

She is a big boat and so it takes a long time but the effort is so worth it and the results very rewarding!  One of my other jobs was to clean the propeller blades which at the outset looked a daunting prospect but again with a fair amount of elbow grease the results were very pleasing!


The before and after shots of Musetta’s three blade folding propeller!

Oh and I nearly forgot the rope cutter which fits around the propeller shaft and was equally as grimey as the propeller itself!


Ambassodor Rope Cutter ~ Now ready to be refitted!

We needed to prepare our house in Normandie for the first of our summer holiday makers and so back we went! The house was easy and Michel, who looks after the garden for us, performed miracles and the results are clear to see!

The Garden at La Grange

9th June – Return to Port La Forêt

We travelled the now very familiar route to Port La Forêt and Musetta in what felt record time but in reality it just seems a quick journey becouse we know it so well! We arrived in glorious sunshine and now starts a week of serious preparation for Musetta’s launch on 15th June.

12th June ~ Replacing the rudder

As tricky as it was to drop the rudder it proved just as tricky to replace it!!  However after some jiggery pokkery, the help of a fork lift and the skill of the staff at Extrado, not to mention Alan’s input too, the rudder slid into place!


Et Voilà – All back together again!

We then had to put back everything we had taken apart to drop the rudder!  This meant we had to become contortionists with me sitting in the transom locker and Alan bent double in the aft cabin while we put back the bolts, washers and nuts to hold the rudder in place!  Alan then had to reconnect the streering quadrant – no mean feat – and grease all components to get a nice smooth feel on the wheel – me turning it one way and then the other to achieve the best result!

Friday 15th June – Mise à l’eau (Launch)


Musetta waiting for the hoist!

A beautiful day dawned and we met the crane driver, Jaques, with his remote controller to drive the hoist to Extrado’s yard.  The capitainnerie also turned up trumps for us, even ‘parking’ one of their boats in the space reserved for us so that no-one else could hi-jack it! They vacated it as soon as we hit the water and I can tell you that we were very grateful for their co-operation and to have a very convenient berth!

The launch went very well and here we are, ready for the final preparations, putting the sails on installing new equipment. We have a marine electrician arriving shortly who will fit the new radar dome and some software updates to the navigation system.  We will then go out into the bay here in Fouesnant for sea trials to check that everything is linked and communicating with one another!

At last!!

After cleaning the boat through inside from bow to stern, we can truthfully say that we are now ready to set off for pastures new…….!


À Bientôt!

24 thoughts on “Musetta is Launched! ~ 15th June 2018

  1. Dear Ros and Alan,
    Your mis en place is second to none you have obviously worked very hard to “get it right” all looks ready for action.
    You could have been a journalist Ros (still could) the unfolding story is told so eloquently, good luck and stay safe.
    James & Pascale.

    1. Thank you James it’s really good to hear from you. Pity no time to get to OPIO this time but could be a short break from the boat sometime – if you’ll have us?!! Take care and love to you both xxxx

  2. Dear Ros et Alan,
    Bon vent, belle croisière, plein de soleil, que de belles surprises !
    A bientôt pour la suite de votre voyage.
    Bien cordialement – Kenavo

    Odette et Marcel

  3. Have a safe journey and good luck that everything works perfectly.
    Looking forward to your next blog!
    Lots of love
    Phil and Jo

  4. If you need a job done properly just ask Mum and Grumps! Well done mum. Hope all the trials go well with no new issues and you can set off on your adventure. Fair winds xx

  5. I love reading your informative and amusing blogs. Your friend is right, you should think of writing a book about your exploits! A project for the mid Atlantic maybe??
    Your photos are stunning too. Am looking forward to all the many worldwide ones you will be taking.
    Enjoy the exciting sea trials and all the final preps. Lots of love. Rosemary x

  6. Hooray!! So glad you are now afloat. Hope the electrical jobs are soon completed and you can sail away.
    Have a great time
    Jo and Robin xx

  7. Glad you’re finally sorted, Musetta looks splendid after all that hard work. Bon voyage! We will also look forward to your next blog(s) with interest. Love Lindy & Denys xxx

  8. Wow, you don’t do things by halves! Sorry to hear of your set-back and good luck with the sea trials. Hope you are on your way soon. Richard and Jenny

    1. Thank you so much Richard! Great news o have feed back on my posts and just send o let you know that there will be another one soon to it’s more information! Meanwhile, we are hoping to set off by the end of the month for La Rochelle!! xx

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