Stop Press!!

The ‘track’ on the map above represents Musetta’s course from where we started on 2nd July from Port La Forêt in South Brittany to Île d’Yeu in the Vendée, where we have got to as this post goes to ‘press’!  We are en route to La Rochelle………but more of that in my next post!

YB Tracking
The tracker logo

Yellow Brick Tracker ~ A new addition to Musetta!

Musetta’s Yellow Brick Tracker!

A brief news bulletin to let our followers know that we now have a Yellow Brick Tracker!  It uses the GPS satellite network to plot our position wherever we are on our journey. We’ve set it to ‘ping’ our position every hour when we’re sailing for the time being. You can access our track from the new page on my ‘site’ menu called “Yellow Brick Tracker”

We hope that everyone enjoys this new way of keeping ‘tabs’ on us as we sail onwards….

Happy Tracking!

11 thoughts on “Stop Press!!

    1. Hi Mel, thanks for that – we’re so near to where we picked you and George up last summer! Off to Bourgenay today which is south of Les Sables d’Olonne en route to La Rochelle! Hope all is well with you both? Take care. Ros xx

  1. Looks a great idea I will be watching I’m off north on Monday with the aim of going to Vigo by the 15th with luck! There’s no wind down here ☹️ Though

    1. Hi Derek, got your message obviously! Thanks for commenting it’s always good to know people are following us! Hope the wind comes up for you to sail north? We’re heading down to La Rochelle tomorrow for a few days before going to Bilbao and along the north coast of Spain. Safe passage on Monday!

  2. Great to talk to you VBM and sorry for the delay in posting back… so glad you’re now firmly on your way as of course you should be, so looking forward to your blogs and thrilled to be able to see where you are. Take care both of you and have loads of fun…xxxx

    1. Thanks vbm and great to talk to you too! Off to La Rochelle tomorrow and that will be the furthest south we have sailed Musetta!! Much love xxxx

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