Ría de Arousa

8th – 11th September ~ Vilagarcia

Beautiful Bouganvilia in the Old Town!

We had very much enjoyed our night at Esteiro but we had an arrangement to meet up with a cruising friend in Vigo and so we had to up anchor and head off to the Ria De Arousa! The weather was beautiful but sadly on this occasion there was no wind and so we had to motor the whole way?  Luckily it was only 34 nautical miles, so not too far! Continue reading “Ría de Arousa”

Finisterre to the Spanish Rías!

3rd – 8th September ~ Ría de Muros e Noia

This was to be our first sortie into the Spanish Rías, somewhere everyone told us is very beautiful and definitely not to be missed as we head south towards the Spanish/Portuguese border!

Our first evening in Muros!

We left our lovely anchorage at Finisterre, Enseada de Langosteira on a lovely morning and set off for the Ría de Muros e Noia.  The weather was beautiful, warm and sunny and with wind so that we could sail!

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A Coruña to Finisterre

27th August ~ A Coruña to Corme

After just over two weeks in A Coruña and having thoroughly enjoyed the city, the time was right to set off for Cape Finisterre!

The Port Control Tower in A Coruña!

Typically, having enjoyed cloudless blue skies for the past two weeks, the day dawned rather grey and murky?!  Here we are just motoring out of the harbour with the Port Control tower at Marina Coruña standing guard majestically!

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Santiago de Compostela

26th August ~ A train Ride to Galicia’s Capital City!

This day was one of the very few days that we were happy that there was no wind to sail meaning that we could travel to this beautiful city feeling very relaxed!

The Parliament Building in Santiago de Compostela

In 1982 all the formalities of administrating the affairs of Galicia were transferred to Santiago de Compostela and above is a photo of the rather lovely Parliament building which we passed on our way to the Old Town!  Continue reading “Santiago de Compostela”