Update to Musetta’s Home Page!

October 2018

I have been asked if I would put some photos up on my website so that you can see what Musetta looks like inside! I have eventually got round to doing it so many apologies for the delay, it’s been a very busy summer! She’s just right for us being light and airy, we’re very comfortable!

Just for your information she doesn’t always look this neat and tidy, Alan was away and so I had a bit of a sort out of clutter!!!! Just click here and scroll to the bottom of the ‘home’ page to see the additional photos.


6 thoughts on “Update to Musetta’s Home Page!

  1. Ros – after our lovely long chat the other evening, I told myself I must get on the computer again and look at the latest blog. Well, it’s great and all those photos of the interior are excellent. One question for you – you said that a 36 ft. boat wasn’t large enough to be lived in, so you bought a new Musetta. However, you didn’t say the measurement. To me 36 ft. sounds pretty long, so I’m eager to know the dimensions, either email me or mention it in your next blog! Weather cold today, I had to scrape frost off my windscreens this morning before I could drive round to the Dene hospital for my leg dressings. Winter has to come of course, how do you keep warm on a boat in the really bitter weather, what type of heating do you have? TTFN Irene.

  2. Dear Ros, Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to follow you exciting voyage. You obviously love sailing and I salute you and Alan on your journey. Personally I would be terrified to be out at sea. I think I made the right choice by going into a safer way of life. ‘Musetta’ looks quite wonderful, and so luxurious inside. Harry and Yvonne would be so proud of you. I still miss the happy times Harold and I spent with them. Harry was always trying to persuade us to join them on their boat. Luckily Harold shared my trepidation, and we stuck to wine-tasting! Much more our
    For now, Bon voyage,
    Lots of love
    Barbara xx

    1. So pleased that I rang you Barbara and I do hope you enjoy reading the Blog!! No doubt Mother would agree with your sentiments on sailing!!

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