Thank you!! 😀

28th October

To all my followers I would like to say….

Thank you for all your ‘comments’ on my blog posts, it is really good to know that you are sharing our experience with us and so please do keep them coming however short or long, it means a lot to us!!

The reason I am sending you this is that I always write a few words in reply to your comment but I think that unless you look to see if I have received your message you will not be notified from my website informing you that I have replied?!!!

I haven’t as yet discovered a mechanism on WordPress which will notify you when I reply to your comment??  Perhaps that will happen sometime but in the meantime I will write a few words, as and when at the end of each comment for you to see next time!!

Hopefully a new post will arrive with you soon….!!


2 thoughts on “Thank you!! 😀

  1. Hello Ross et Alan !
    Ne trouvant pas la traduction française, nous constatons que de part les photos, vous découvrez des endroits magnifiques et que tout se passe merveilleusement bien. Bonne continuation et très bon vent.
    Odette et Marcel

    1. Merci a vos deux! Tout est bon, et tout va bien! Il ya beuacoup du vent à ce moment!! Nous restons à Cascais!!

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