La Graciosa ~ Canary Islands

21st – 23rd November Passage to The Canary islands ~ La Graciosa

Finally we could see our way clear to having three or four days of good weather (winds) to make the passage to the Canary Islands, a distance of 260 nautical miles!

Leaving for the Canary Islands!

We left at 08.20 hours and an hour later we were sailing and then we saw our first whale off Deserta Grande which ‘sauntered’ past, heading north!  Continue reading “La Graciosa ~ Canary Islands”

Madeira ~ 5th – 21st November

The Archipelago of Madeira

The Archipelago of Madeira is Portuguese and comes under it’s jurisdiction but it is autonomous and has it’s own flag.

The Flag of Madeira!

The archipelago includes the islands of Madeira (main island), Port Santo and two groups of uninhabited islands, the Desertas Islands and the Selvagens Islands.  The origin of this group of islands is as a result of volcanic activity many years ago.

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