Guadeloupe ~ Les Saintes!

29th March ~ Prince Rupert Bay to Pain de Sucre

We are now going to join our friends on “Petit Goustan” and so we set off from Prince Rupert Bay to sail the short distance, 22 nautical miles to Les Saintes, Guadeloupe!

Approaching Les Saintes!

It was a very pleasant sail and we arrived into the little bay named Pain de Sucre at just about lunchtime!

A large patch of Sargassum weed!





We did see a lot of the Sargassum weed on our journey though! This weed is becoming a real problem for the livelihoods of the resorts on the islands in the Caribbean, some even having to close as they have been overwhelmed by the weed.

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25th – 29th March ~ Dominica

We left Saint-Pierre, Martinique in the early morning to sail to Roseau, Dominica and had one of the best sails of the year so far! It was approximately 44 miles and we averaged 6.2knots, taking nearly 6 hours to arrive! It was exhilarating to say the least and because of Musetta’s clean ‘bottom’ we flew, very satisfying as we overtook boat after boat ‘en route’!!


Later as we checked in, we met the owners of one of the boats we had passed, who mentioned the fact that we had shown them a ‘clean pair of heels’!



Sailing north to Roseau!

Hmm, not that we race but very nice to have others recognise that Musetta was sailing well!!

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Martinique ~ 16th – 25th March

Martinique is an overseas region of France and consists of a single department! The island is one of the eighteen regions of France and is an integral part of the French Republic.  It is therefore part of the European union and it’s currency is the Euro! 

The National Flag of Martinique!

The official language is French.  However, almost all Martinique people speak a Creole too which is like a patois and completely unintelligible!

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St. Lucia!

St. Lucia ~ 7th – 16th March

This island was the first true Windward Island of our trip and so I was very much looking forward to seeing it!


The flag of St. Lucia depicting the Pitons!

After our rest and recuperation in Barbados our next destination was St. Lucia! We booked a marina place at the Marigot Bay Marina and Resort Hotel which is towards the south of St. Lucia and set off for an overnight passage!

The evening sky leaving Barbados and the first sighting of the famous Pitons!

The passage was faster than we thought it would be thanks to some very kind winds so we had to wait for a while before going in! 

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