The British Virgin Islands ~ 1st – 13th May!

The British Virgin Islands ~ Nature’s Little Secrets!

We first visited these islands 20 years ago when we took a bareboat (non-skippered) charter holiday with friends, it was so good to be sailing under blue skies and warm sunshine!  There followed three more charter sailing holidays, including one which incorporated our wedding in 2001, we resolved to return in our own boat one day and this has been a major part of the planning of our Blue Water Odyssey! 

The magic of the British Virgin Islands!

We fell in love with the beauty of the islands then and the wonderful sailing in between them all, it was so good to be back! Continue reading “The British Virgin Islands ~ 1st – 13th May!”

St. Barthelemy and St. Martin ~ 19th April to 30th April

19th April ~ Passage to St Barthélemy from Barbuda!

We had a journey of 67 nautical miles to complete and so we ‘weighed’ anchor early in the morning – 06.20 – and set off for Gustavia, the capital of St. Barts!! We were sad to be leaving the beautiful island of Barbuda and Petit Goustan, hopefully we will see them both again!

Princess Diana Beach

I couldn’t resist including this photo taken the previous evening!

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Antigua and Barbuda!

The Leeward Islands of Antigua and Barbuda!

…..are the 2 major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua and Barbuda, there being several outlying islands too. Independence was granted in November 1981 but it remains a member of the Commonwealth with our Queen Elizabeth 11 as head of state!

The flag of Antigua and Barbuda!

Antigua is best known for its many sandy beaches. Also for English Harbour and the newly restored Nelson’s Dockyard, which Admiral Horatio Nelson made his base in the 1780s, living there himself for three years! The dockyard these days includes a marina, restaurants and shops and the Dockyard Museum.

Historically after England acquired the colonies of Antigua and Barbuda in the 1600’s, English Harbour became a focal point for the establishment of a naval base. Its position on the south side of the island allowed the monitoring of the neighbouring French island of Guadeloupe! The harbour was naturally well-suited to protect ships and cargo from hurricanes especially into the furthest reaches of the harbour in the mangroves and of course remains so today! Continue reading “Antigua and Barbuda!”

Montserrat ~ ‘The Emerald Isle’

Montserrat ~ 5th to 7th April

We left Guadeloupe with Petit Goustan at 6am, an early start for us!!


We wanted to cover the 40 nautical miles with plenty of daylight to spare and because we weren’t sure that the winds would be as predicted! We also had to negotiate, due to the Soufrière Hills Volcano, the exclusion zone at the southern half of Montserrat which extends well out into the sea, right into our path! Continue reading “Montserrat ~ ‘The Emerald Isle’”