Goodbye from Musetta!

We are sad to inform all our followers that Musetta’s Blue Water Odyssey has come to an end!

We thank you all for coming with us, it was good to know that others were able to share our travels, our achievements, the places we have been to and all the wonderful people we have met along the way!

Musetta Ashore at Norview Marina, Deltaville!





The Chesapeake Bay

Cruising in The Bay ~ 1st – 22nd June

We had spent a week in Broad Creek, Deltaville recovering from our eleven day passage from the British Virgin Islands and sorting our shore power leads and connectors to accommodate the American 110v power supply! ¬†All done and so it was now time to move on….!

Broad Creek, Deltaville!

We had arranged a few months ago to join an Ocean Cruising Club (OCC) rally which started on the 10th June from St Michael’sMD and finish in Baltimore,MD! We had 10 days to get there and so we planned to anchor at several spots on the way! Continue reading “The Chesapeake Bay”