St. Lucia!

St. Lucia ~ 7th – 16th March

This island was the first true Windward Island of our trip and so I was very much looking forward to seeing it!


The flag of St. Lucia depicting the Pitons!

After our rest and recuperation in Barbados our next destination was St. Lucia! We booked a marina place at the Marigot Bay Marina and Resort Hotel which is towards the south of St. Lucia and set off for an overnight passage!

The evening sky leaving Barbados and the first sighting of the famous Pitons!

The passage was faster than we thought it would be thanks to some very kind winds so we had to wait for a while before going in! 

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The Windward islands of the Caribbean stretch from Grenada in the south to Martinique in the north and are so called because, as Christopher Columbus found they were the more windward of the Caribbean islands as he sailed from Europe to discover the New World….!

The Windward Islands!

….using the Trade Winds which blow predominantly from the East to the West, these winds and currents in the Atlantic allow the fastest route across the “The Pond” and are used by us modern day sailors as we follow in Columbus’s footsteps! Continue reading “Barbados!”

Our Atlantic Crossing!

9th February ~ Leaving La Gomera to set off across the Atlantic? Ocean!!

I would like to share with you our unique experience of crossing the Atlantic Ocean on board Musetta! Some people can only dream of sailing across an ocean but we have been fortunate enough to make that same dream become a reality…..!!


Day after day, mile after mile just us and the endless blue ocean and sunny skies – magic!

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La Gomera ~ Canary Islands

4th February ~ Passage to La Gomera

After the well documented problems we encountered on our return to Las Palmas in January which are now resolved we needed to be moving on!

Fitting the replacement radar dome and refuelling before our departure!

We left Gran Canaria at midday and made an overnight passage to San Sebastián de La Gomera! We encountered the same horrible seas outside the entrance to Las Palmas as we had on our way in, all those weeks ago and so we assumed that it must be ‘par’ for the course’ in that particular area!

Our route took us round the northern tip of Gran Canaria before turning south west, a much more comfortable ride now, leaving Tenerife to our starboard side (to the right!) Continue reading “La Gomera ~ Canary Islands”

Tenerife ~ Canary Islands!

25th – 28th January ~ A Few Days in Tenerife!

After the most unwelcome surprises we have had over the last few days in Las Palmas, it was somewhat of a relief to board the ferry to Santa Cruz, Tenerife!

The Flag of Tenerife!

We had hired a car as soon as we arrived back to Las Palmas from UK and so we were able to take it on the ferry too!  It just saved us time on our arrival!

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Gran Canaria ~ Canary Islands!


The flag of Gran Canaria!

5th/6th December ~ Passage to Las Palmas

We set off from Gran Tarajal in the late afternoon for the 80 mile passage to Las Palmas in fairly benign conditions, wind speed was between 12 to 13 knots and set the sails with the genoa poled out as the wind was well aft!

Leaving Gran Tarajal, Fuerteventura!

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Lanzarote ~ Canary Islands!

27th November – 2nd December

We really enjoyed our time at anchor in the beautiful bay of Francesa at the island of La Graciosa, it was so peaceful and gave us the chance to recharge our internal batteries after several days at sea!

The flag of Lanzarote!

However, we needed to move on! Lanzarote was our next stopover and we thought that we would stay long enough to catch up on the chores and re provision. We were not looking forward to spending time on this island but we very quickly discovered that any preconceptions we had about Lanzarote were totally unfounded, we needed to spend more than a night stop here!!

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La Graciosa ~ Canary Islands

21st – 23rd November Passage to The Canary islands ~ La Graciosa

Finally we could see our way clear to having three or four days of good weather (winds) to make the passage to the Canary Islands, a distance of 260 nautical miles!

Leaving for the Canary Islands!

We left at 08.20 hours and an hour later we were sailing and then we saw our first whale off Deserta Grande which ‘sauntered’ past, heading north!  Continue reading “La Graciosa ~ Canary Islands”